Assurance Of Top Quality Products

As a certified company with ISO 9001:2015 by BM TRADA, we've a responsibility and committed to uphold this industry standard. We believe quality is key to everything that we do. From sourcing of materials and training of workers to manufacturing processes, quality control and customer services and no effort is spared in ensuring that only products of the highest quality are rolled out of our plant.

Our quality steel pipes are produced according to SPAN TS 21827: PART 1: 2013 standards, and are certified by Ikram Quality & Certification Institute.

L.B.H. Brother Industries Sdn. Bhd. places quality control at the heart of its operation. We believe in delivering the best products at the most competitive prices. That's why most of raw materials are made in Malaysia and manufactured in accordance to requirement up to data specification.

Our plant manufacture pipe from 100mm to 600mm ND and fittings in sizes ranging from 100mm to 2,700m ND in diameter, catering to a wide range of customer from JBA to township developers to hardware companies. Therefore, stringent control in the areas of inventory management and on-time delivery of products is utmost important.

The most critical path is in the manufacturing process. At every step of the manufacturing process, our QC engineers perform rigorous tests and through inspections. These include ultrasonic thickness testing, concrete test cube for strength, bitumen ‘pin-hole' detection and more. No stone is unturned in our manufacturing process in order to produce the products of stringent quality that can only carry the brand name of L.B.H. Brother Industries Sdn. Bhd. Assurance has its price.





Specification :-

* Span TS Specification

* Pipe Specification

* Tee Specification

* Bend Specification

* Joint Details